November 15, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until the cremated remains are scattered?

  • Ashes will be scattered within 30 days of receipt, weather and mechanical issues permitting. Specific date requests will be honored based on weather and aircraft  conditions.

How will I know when the scattering has taken place?

  • A certificate including the date and location of the scattering will be mailed to you following the flight.

How do I send cremated remains to you?

  • The US Postal Service will accept cremated remains under certain conditions. The container needs to be strong enough to withstand shipping, be spill proof and labeled on the outside of the package as “Cremains”. The container must be sent by Priority Mail Express Service with a signature required.

Can I fly along with you for the scattering?

  • Unfortunately no, the aircraft is not set up for carrying passengers. Insurance and FAA requirements require different business operating rules.

Do you scatter Animal/Pet cremains as well?

  • Yes, I can scatter your pets cremated remains.