The Background Image

dsc09143half     This photograph was taken on a beach in Kodiak Island, Alaska. The location is the mouth of the Olds River. At low tide the gravel bar directly in front of me was occupied by two magnificent Bald Eagles. High above soars a gull. Beneath the surface of the water was a steady, moving stream of Silver Salmon. Also present is a seal chasing the salmon. Every once in awhile he would raise his head and look at me and, I imagine, wonder what I was doing there. Along with the seal were a variety of small ducks. Several kinds that dove here, surfaced there, chasing little fishes, going about their business with intent and purpose and safe, I suppose, from the seal. Maybe not so from the Eagles.
100_3570     At this location, on this great spot of earth, to the Philosopher, to the Chemist, to the Religious, to the Romantic, to the appreciator of our role, if there be one, in the scheme of things, it is quite conceivable that there is room for me.
     There are hundreds if not thousands of similar geographical locations. Places of extraordinary natural beauty, and welcoming, if that be the word.
     I am proud, and honored, to provide an entry, an opportunity to mingle and merge, to rejoin and in some small way, to participate in the grand mystery of life everlasting.

Glenn Lees